Dead Red Pine

by Dead Red Pine

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released 28 July 2012

Marco Taucer: Guitar and Vocals
Steve Badach: Upright Bass
Sophie Heppell: Viola and Vocals
Rebekah Sherman: Violin and Vocals
Stephen Tchir: Banjo and Mandolin



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Dead Red Pine Edmonton, Alberta

Dead Red Pine is a five piece chamber folk band based in Edmonton. Their songs are experimental, evocative and honest. Sophisticated arrangements, compelling rhythms, melodies and chord progressions, along with the skill to deliver, make this band a memorable live act. They have a sound that is all their own and occupy a unique musical space. ... more

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Track Name: Belgravia (I)
Old steel tracks | Long lines cut a white field in three | It's a snowscape at the wrong time | A bit late would have been fine. | The black shapes are trees; | The red pine takes a bow | And the fir curtsies. | They are dressed up in white clothes | Until sunlight | Disrobes. | But it's not like home. | Think long days of starlight. | Think sunrise | At midnight.
Track Name: Belgravia (II)
Balsam, | Find me | Curled up, | Underneath the reeds. | Beechwood | Dancer, | Prepare! | Dress yourself in leaves.
Track Name: Hold Still
Wind put flowers | In your hair, | Stroked leaves and buds, | Sending pollen through the air. | A layer, dusted | On your folded coat, | Crept up | So slowly. | If I earned my life, | I'd spend it here | Outside | Until the light ran out. | You'll catch a chill | Hang on, | Hold still.
Track Name: Cold Earth
Long days, | Long days and late nights. | Fireside, | Fire-lit eyes | At the seashore | Or treeline. | Sunkiss | Or frostbite. | And your skin; | You feel like your came up | From in the ground. | Maybe you were shaped | Out of this cold earth. | I won't let you wane again | And fall like a rusty hill. | Fall like a coast in waves, | Again.
Track Name: Combine
Your son slipped under | The running combine. | You remember the time, | Out on the causeway, | When he fell from your moving truck. | You heard a high note ring out | Through the window. | Severed in time, | It took you a moment. | That was an awful fright. | Or when you were both startled | By the pride of a partridge. | Mother and child hid in the forest, | And you were a bad surprise. | Why won't the seasons change? | Why won't these memories blur and fade?